Placing Orders

I’ve used a variety of day trading programs. When it comes to placing a market order, how complicated is it to effectively place an order? Will I need to spend a great deal of time on details? I’m a busy person and seeking for a quick and easy program.

CQG trader allows traders to place markets orders with just a click of a button. To place an order you simply click “Buy1” and a box will appear confirming the fill. It will also provide all the details for you so you need not bother with gathering it all yourself. It will display the instrument at which the order was purchased, the time and date, the price of the order, and how long it took to sell.

Thanks for the response Grayson, that really helps! How would I go about placing limit orders? Is it as simple as placing a market order too?

Processing a limit sale, or a stop sale, is as simple. What you want to do is go to the Dome Trader by selecting the instrument you want to use. Then find the price you desire on the scale in the red. Click on that price and drag it over to the instrument you are using. A user box will pop up to confirm that you are indeed wanting to proceed with a limit sale. Click “Yes” and proceed. Also, if you want to change the price on a limit sale, just slide the sale up or down the price scale ladder.