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Platform that sends Eurex data from Europe without USA round trip

is anyone aware of any platforms that supports Eurex data that DOESN’T go trough USA?

Many of the Eurex data providers and platforms for retail are American and have Eurex data routed to Chicago, no matter if you are in Europe. It’s nonsensical for European trader to receive data sent from to Europe then to Chicago, and back to Europe.

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Hello @brakkar

We understand the concern you have. However, the risk management of most systems for US firms is out of Chicago, and that is also done for your protection (“fat finger”, trade reversals, etc.).
Some of the European firms that use Omnibus accounts with US firms are still using the same routing as US-based firms. The location of the firms should not be used for granted.

Although it would be ideal to send the orders to Eurex, you are looking at an additional 50-100 Milliseconds at most for most traders. Unless you are an HFT shop you should not see significant price differential as a day trader or scalper.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures