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POC on TPO chart are miscalculated?

I compared the POCs calculated on the TPO charts provided by OptimusFlo to other platforms (Sierra charts, tradovate). And the ones from Optimus are placed on another price.
After reading “Profit with the Market Profile” by Dr John Keppler, I learnt that if we have several prices within a value area that have an equal number of TPOs, the POC is assigned to the price that is closest to the center of the value area (Value Area Center = (VAH +VAL )/2

As you can see on the TPO chart below the POC should be higher.

(MYMU2 from 24.08.2022. The POC from 23.08.2022 looks wrong as well)

Am I right or am I missing something?

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Hi @rinkgenet,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and welcome to the Optimus community forum!

Would you by any chance be able to provide a screenshot comparison of a TPO chart from Sierra Chart that you have configured with the same exact futures contract, aggregation settings, and time frames?

I’d be interested to see the comparison and this may help us with solving an issue like this if the POC is indeed miscalculated.

I hope you can understand that it is somewhat difficult for us to investigate something like this without seeing the exact settings, product, and timeframes configured on your TPO chart. One difference between the settings of both platforms could potentially change the outcome of the entire TPO chart and the statistics it provides.

It is also important to consider the data feed being used among the two different platforms. Was the data feed used on Sierra Charts the same data feed being used on Optimus Flow?

Thanks for your help with looking into this matter. If there is an issue with the current POC calculation of our charts, we need to fix it and any additional feedback would be beneficial!

Optimus Futures Support

Hi Jake,

Sadly my trial time with Sierra chart is over.

But even without comparing the two platforms, if the formula to define the POC is right (When there are an equal number of TPOs), then the POC of the 24.08.2022 is misplaced.

It should be around 32940 ((VAH +VAL) /2 → (33001 + 32879) / 2 = 32940 ). From my chart it is calculated at 32914.

Here are the settings that I am using:




Let me know if you find something.

Thanks for the support


Hi @rinkgenet,

Thank you again for your feedback and the additional details you have provided. We will run this by our developers.

Quick question, have you noticed any differences when turning off custom sessions ? I see you have custom sessions enabled. I’d be curious to see if you still notice this inconsistency with this setting disabled .

Please let us know.
Optimus Futures

Hi @Mod-JakeM,

Thank you for your quick reply. Really appreciate

I turned off my custom session and I check different days. The rule to have the POC closer to the average between VAH and VAL seems correct. Did not check if the POCs have the same value as Sierra Chart.

As I really need custom session to have the POC from the RTH of DAX or DOW, I am wondering:

The POC can be miscalculated because these rule (VAH +VAL /2) is not take into the calculation or the VAH and VAL from custom session are not correct? I have seen some difference between platforms as well. This could be also a reason why the POC is misplaced.

I hope we can understand this mystery :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support