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problem installing R Trader from website

  • I have been unable to either upgrade existing R Trader install on a PC running Vista, or perform new install on PC with Windows 7. i use the link under platforms on this website. Any help please? Cheers


Not a problem. I will check on the site whether the links are good.



I just downloaded R-Trader from this page: R|Trader Execution Platform Rithmic OMNE™ Low Latency Execution and it worked fine.

Please Try.



Thanks Matt. I was unable to download using Chrome or Firefox, but Internet Explorer was able to resume the download a few times until it completed. For anyone experiencing problems try IE to download. All good now.


David, thank you s much for letting us know. I will address that with the tech team as to the nature of this.
But, I downloaded it on Chrome. Maybe there is a new version?



Maybe. The download just could not complete except with IE. Could be any range of issues that makes it so…
All good now :slight_smile: