Problem updating to Optimus Flow 1.130.3

Every time I have tried to upgrade from 1.124.3, a warning pops up saying that I need to install .NET Desktop Runtime.

Update problem

That has never been a requirement for any previous upgrade so I’m a bit wary of installing softwares I don’t know about.

Any insight on this?

Hi @Sven,

Thank you for your question.

Users running a version of Optimus Flow older than 1.130.3 are required to install the latest version of Microsoft’s .Net framework to their machine. This is a necessary installation required to upgrade to the latest version of Optimus Flow.

For convenience, you can download this directly from Microsoft’s website here: Download .NET Framework | Free official downloads or by clicking the “Yes” button in the window that populates prompting this update.

This could be possible again in the future if Microsoft releases new .Net framework updates, if this does happen again, we will prompt users with another message like this.

Thanks for your understanding,
Optimus Futures Support