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Problems with Replicate Function for Charts on CQG Q Trader



I noticed that in CQG Q Trader the function “replicate” works only for the DOM, but not for the charts.

How is it possible to work with one chart at time? Tab function is good but you can’t display not even 2 charts at the same time!

Also the Page function is good but not for lntraday traders

This sort of limitation is due to avoid a conflict to the CQG IC product (for the cost?)

Thanks for help


Hi @gat,

The replicate function does work for charts, however, the default chart page is already pre-populated with the max amount of tabs that the window supports. If you delete one of these tabs by right clicking it and then selecting Close Tab, this will then allow you to replicate one of the existing tabs as shown below.

As for your question about working with more than one chart at a time, unfortunately, Q Trader only allows for one chart at a time.

As an alternative, I would suggest utilizing the tab or page function like you alluded to. With multiple pages and tabs open, you can easily navigate back and forth between the platform as you need to.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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