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Profit and Loss reporting

I use Tradingview to trade via CQG.
I have a problem concering reporting my trades and the status of my account. When I trade with Tradingview, my past trades are not shown in CQG.
How can I create a list of my trades in Tradingview (or in CQG) to review each trade with P/L per trade?
Furthermore, how can I see graphically the change of my account balance over time?
I only get a summary of the present status, but not the evolution.

Hi @colino2510 Thank you for the question and welcome to our community site.
Jake will join here shortly, and address where the P&L is shown on TradingView.
You use the CQG data over TradingView, but you said you can not see them in CQG. Do you also use an additional platform outside of TradingView? CQG has its own platforms and can be used for Data over other platforms. We just want to be sure whether you use TradingView only and/or other platforms besides it.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures

I trade only with Tradingview.
In Tradingview I get only a total P/L of the day. No view of commissions, history, evolution of my account (asset curve).
In CQG, I can see only the PL of open positions, but no history and no asset curve.

Hi @colino2510,

Thanks for your question.

For further clarification, which TradingView version are you using? There is (only accepts CQG clients) and there is also the normal version of TradingView which has traders coming from all asset classes.

There may be some sort of “interference” between TradingView and the CQG data feed that is causing innacurate or missing reporting. When you login to a CQG platform are you using CQG Desktop, Q Trader, CQG Trader? The more details the better so we can help you accurately determine the root of this issue.

If you haven’t already, i’d take a look at and see how your account history is displayed here.

Keep us updated on this situation so we can assist you throughout this process!
Optimus Futures Support

If this is not part of the features that TradingView offers, we can not help that.
Very few offer equity analysis, and since platforms are offered through a number of providers do not list costs. I suggest that you also look into this

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

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