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Quality of level 2 futures data


I am a DOM trader and recently the trading software I am with stopped supporting their platform completely.
Who in your company provides the best data for DOM traders? I am looking for accurate data and fast execution.
Also, I need a DOM with pre-built exit strategies.
Thanks for your help!


Hello @tradeism. We consider many of the DOMs to be of high quality such as CQG Trader, Sierra, TT, etc.
However, if you are looking for a specific DOM with a multitude of exit strategies, please consider MultiCharts.
The data could be driven by Rithmic, CQG and Gain Capital data.

We hope this information helps you.


Thank you for your reply. I just tried Multicharts DOM and I like it…althought took some time to understand how to stream the data provided. Anyway, what is the difference between the .NET and the Powerlanguage? Does it mater which one I get?


In essence, if you are a screen trader it does not matter. The C# (.NET) version is just a different programming language than PowerLanguage. The programming languages are geared towards those who are programmers and seek automated trading. Again, in your case, it does not matter, and we can supply the .NET version free of charge.