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Question about Market Replay

Hey all. I have a quick question regarding the history replay for back testing. Is there any way to set up the environment to play as though it were real time? If I select minute it just prints the whole bar and goes a little too fast even when slowed down to 20% as I’m trying to precisely enter orders. When I choose tick, I see all of the price fluctuations, which I want, but it doesn’t coincide with the time. For example, I may be sitting on a 1 minute bar for 3 minutes because it’s going through every tick and not respecting the element of time. Looking for some suggestions. Thanks!

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@Mod-JakeM Hey Jake, I know we spoke through emails regarding this and I tried your suggestion, but it still does not replay like real time. It’s running through the bars extremely quickly when set to 100% and does not respect the time constraints of the charts selected. I.e. if I’ve selected a 5 minute time frame, sometimes the candles will complete in 2 minutes or sometimes in 7 minutes I can try to take a video of what I mean, if necessary. Thanks for any further help!

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Hi @Icbto09,

Thank you for your question and I appreciate you letting us know that the suggestions I provided via email aren’t exactly what you are looking for.

I’ve done a bit more testing myself and see what you mean, 100% does seem to move a bit too quickly - I may have been incorrect to suggest this in our email conversation. I’ll need to talk to our developers about this. It looks like we need to add an additional “real-time” option within the speed settings rather than setting by percent as it currently is configured.

During my testing, I seem to have found that 40% seems to be the most realistic within the current market replay time settings we have. Until our developers are able to add more options within these settings, I’d suggest giving the 40% playback speed a try and let me know if that works any better for you!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we appreciate your feedback and will look to improve this feature. Hopefully, the 40% setting will suffice in the meantime.

Optimus Futures Support


Thanks so much for the reply, Jake!

A real time option would be amazing! This would really give the opportunity to test my strategies as if I were actually in the market.

I’ll give 40% a try for the time being and report back. Thank you.