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Question about Order History using R-Trader

Enclosed is an example of what type of Order reporting I get from R-Trader. From what I can tell there are a few things that are not available, and it seems very strange, so I am thinking that I am just missing something.

Can someone with experience or knowledge with R-Trader confirm the following.

  1. Is there a way to see if the orders were Entries or Exits? From what I can tell, there is only Buy, Sell and Limit or Market Orders. This is a huge problem if I can’t tell the difference between entries and exits. For example Buy Limit could be either a Short Exit, or Long Entry.
  2. Is there a way to link two orders together so I can match the entry order with the exit order? From what I can tell, there is just a bunch of random orders. I can kind of put together the exit that canceled with the exit that filled based on time stamps and the one canceling the other logic, but why would I want to manually reconcile hundreds or orders like this? Every other platform I have used, just gave you entry order numbers matched to exit order numbers together so you could build a trade by trade P&L history. This seems like a mess, so I am hoping this is just a user error on my part.

As a reference I am using version 17.3, and looking at the Recent Orders module. See the attached image.

Hi @Iantg,

Thanks for your question. I do not believe you are missing anything here, this is simply just the nature of R Trader and R Trader Pro.

If you are looking for more statistics to add to your order history page, you can right click on top of the existing columns > add/remove columns > and then check the ones you want to be added.

  1. After looking through the add/remove columns field, I found the column Position Disposition. This marks trades as “opening/closing” which is what I believe you are looking for.

  1. My suggestion is to sort your trades chronologically and simply work your way up from the bottom. Your first trade is typically an entry, if your next trade is the same quantity and opposite side of the market, you can assume this was an exit order for that same position/order. To my knowledge, there is not a way you can link trades the way you are asking, but you can use the method I mentioned in step 1. to help your tracking of orders.

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures Support

Thanks for looking into this for me. I appreciate the tip about adding a column that defines entry vs exit. This fixes my biggest issue at least.

If there is any place for user feedback, I would love to put in a feature request for matching orders. This is pretty standard on other platforms.



We can definitely suggest it, but we do not know in what time frame it would be implemented.
In the meantime, I suggest you examine whether Optimus Flow has it, and if it does not, we would add this feature. This platform could run on Rithmic.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures