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Question about r-trader risk parameters settings

Im on the risk parameters page and went to the “set by trader” tab.

I am looking to do three things.

Prevent trading during certain hours.
Set max order quantity.
Auto liquidate all positions at a certain time.

Since I am only going to be trading one asset for now I thought I would just set it for one asset (NQ) but it seems greyed out for some of the choices (no trading times and max order quantity) even though I can change auto liquidate time.

Also, I am assuming the restrictions per asset such as NQ are auto adjusted for contract rollovers too? So I don’t need to set it to say NQ 6-21?

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Hello @alcorr,

Thanks for your patience while waiting for a response and welcome to the community forum!

If you don’t mind me asking where did your Rithmic login details from? Is this a demo account or a live trading account?

To my understanding, not too long ago Rithmic limited the ability to configure risk parameters through the “set by trader” tab for live accounts. Although this tab may be fully functional during a demo, most risk parameters are configured and managed by us and the FCMs we work with on live accounts through Optimus Futures.

The three fields you are interested in can easily be configured whether it is done directly by you or one of the FCMs we work with, but knowing where you obtained this account from will help me understand why your NQ fields may be greyed out.

You are correct, the restrictions are on a per-product basis, regardless of the expiration date of the contract. This takes into account rollovers and contracts expiries. There is no need to adjust by date.

Feel free to let me know where you obtained your Rithmic account from as this will help me further troubleshoot your situation!

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