Questions about Rithmic API Before use

Hi I have a few questions that I need answers before I can get started. Would someone please answer the following.

  1. Is there a way to directly run an EasyLanguage strategy written for TradeStation on your platform? If not, what do you recommend as the best way to convert an EasyLanguage strategy into running your platform? 2) What different options do you have when running automated strategies on your platforms? 3) It says on your website that you have your own already written automated trading strategies section from which we can pick strategies to run on our account. What language are they written in? what platform would they run on? Can we write our own automated strategies in that language? If so, can you send us a link to the documentation/reference guide to that language and a few sample strategies written? Is there a free demo version of that platform we can download and use for development purposes? 4) If we are to directly work with your API, which API do you recommend using in order to run an automated trading strategy? Your website mentions multiple APIs (eg: CTS, TT). This strategy requires using bracket orders that would use OCO for opening either a long or short position and each order should accompany its own profit target and stop loss.

Thank You,

Hello @Kfurtado25, welcome to the forum!

Our primary platform, Optimus Flow, doesn’t support Easylanguage. However, Multicharts uses Power Language, which is reportedly 90% compatible with Easylanguage. Multichart is compatible with CQG and Rithmic APIs, which offer good execution. We recommend trying the Multicharts demo to test your method on their platform.

Third parties provide the Automated Strategies available on our site ( These are self-directed accounts where you can choose, activate, and deactivate strategies as needed.

As you mentioned, TT and CTS also offer APIs. If Rithmic doesn’t meet your requirements, we can explore these alternatives, keeping in mind their varying costs.

Regarding the bracket orders with OCO for opening long or short positions, including profit targets and stop losses, this should be a straightforward command for any API.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

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Matt Z
Optimus Futures