R Trader and Windows 10 1903

I am using version 1903 and when I try to open R Trader, it is stuck at “Waiting for Repository, Order…”

What am I missing?

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Hi @biniam,

Thanks for your question and sorry for the inconvenience you’re experiencing.

We have reached out to Rithmic for a response on this matter. As soon as we have a resolution we can provide you with, we will let you know.

Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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Due to the nature of your issue, Rithmic has requested that you send them an email directly with your issue. Please send such email to support@rithmic.com

Please make sure to include your Rithmic log files within this email and explain the issue you are experiencing. You can find your Rithmic log files by navigating to Windows Documents > Rithmic > Attach these files to your email.

Thanks for your patience,
Optimus Futures Support

I just want to chime in and add that it looks like you’re facing an issue with R Trader and Windows 10 1903. It can be frustrating when it gets stuck at “Waiting for Repository, Order…”. One thing you could try is checking if you have the latest version of R Trader that’s compatible with Windows 10 1903. Also, make sure your Windows 10 is activated with a legit product key, as using a pirated key could cause software conflicts. You might want to search for solutions or similar experiences on forums or windows 10 product key reddit. Keep an eye out for updates or patches from R Trader too.

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