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R-Trader Excel Automation


How do I make the the bid/ask automated scalping strategy trade only one position at a time. 1 buy/1 sell,1buy/1sell instead of multiple trades in a row without one trade completing?



The 2nd sheet of the linked Excel spreadsheet is used to placed orders. Start by typing the order. The status column indicates how to proceed.

Columns O and P can be used to control placing orders using various conditions (or VBA):

  • Here the order is placed when the value of cell E13 in the first sheet equals 2564.5 (when the Best Bid of ES = 2564.5).

  • Here an additional check is done to make sure only one order is sent (The last order number, cell R2, should be empty for an ‘Yes’ value).

3rd sheet:
Contains all the available columns of the parent window including the hidden columns. R | Trader Pro streams the data into this sheet. Putting data or formulas in this sheet may not persist and is not recommended.

I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions related to automated trading using Microsoft Excel on R Trader.

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Automated but one trade at a time. When one trade finishes another one opens.



As far as I am aware, you will just need to change the QTY field to 1 and make sure the Enable Placing Order field is enabled to yes.

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I did do that. It just fires off hundreds of orders as I had mentioned One right after another