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Hi all,

I am trading FX for a while and now would like to test Futures trading. I am familiar with MT4 but new to R | Trader Pro platform.

Can any one please show me:

  1. How to set up Stop Loss and Take Profit for a position?
  2. How to modify Stop Loss and Take Profit of open position?
  3. How to set up a position closing at a particular Chicago time?
  4. How to calculate pip value of a contract (1 lot)?
  5. Why the price (currency) at R | Trader Pro platform is lower 10 pips (approximate) with MT4 platform?

Thank you in advance.

Please do not feel this way at all. We did not forget your previous request either (we asked on of our tech guys to get the answers for it). We will answer the questions above shortly.
Please keep in mind that during trading hours we just get busy with our trading customers who are our priority :slight_smile:

Thank you for your understanding.

Optimus Futures

Question 1: We assume you wish to put an OCO which is a profit and stop-loss which cancel when ever each target reaches. So on the R Trader platform at the top you will see “Show Bracket and OCO”, click on it.
Then go to Brackets and Config. Click on Config which will allow you to set your target and loss.
You can set your stop and targets for a number of contracts. All stops and targets are in ticks.
once set click on the “Enable” besides the bracket.

Question 2: You can move stops and targets on the DOM.

  1. Go to Trade on the menu, and click on Place Order. Then Click on “Show more Options”. Then you will see a category of “release at”. Choose your time of order to be released.

  2. You need to know the pip value of each contract you trade. Futures has many contracts.
    On the DOM you can choose your P&L in $ or ticks.

  3. MT4 is trading cash currencies. R Trader is for Futures. They will have different pricing.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures

Thank you for your help Mod-MattZ.

I’ll try next week.

You most welcome This is the demo for R Trader R | Trader Pro Free Demo | Rithmic | Optimus Futures

Optimus Futures

Hi Mod-MattZ,

I have tried many many many times but till now can not open a demo account. Can you do it and send me the usernam and password?

Thank you.

We request all potential customers of Optimus Futures to fill out the forms as we are required by software providers and the exchange. We suggest to drop an email to support@optimusfutures.com in the event you had issues and we will look into this.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures, LLC

Can you show me how to set up Stop Loss and Take Profit for OPEN positionin price?

Example: I have SELL open position of New Zealand Dollar at 0.7300 and I want to set
Stop loss at: 0.7400
Take profit at: 0.7200

That is the way to OPENa new position, not CLOSE position at a particular time.

We apologize, but you are mistaken.
If you have a LONG position you can set a time based order to SELL.
If you have a SHORT position you can set a time based order to BUY.

You have a drop down menu which allows you to Choose Buy or Sell.
We have attached an image for your convenience

Thank you,
Optimus Futures

Thank you for your answer:

I have a LONG position open (#1).
And a SELL position for stop loss (Stop Market (#2).
And set a time based order to SELL (#3).

If the “set a time based order to SELL (#3)” trigger it’s close the “a LONG position open (#1)” but the “SELL position for stop loss (Stop Market (#2))” still open pending.

Could you tell me how to set up to close all these positions (#1, #2, #3) at one time?

We documented here a step by step OCO which is Stop and OCO based Order as it is placed on R Trader By Rithmic DOM (Order Book). For your convenience we also attached an image.

  1. Press on the “Bracket and OCO” button
  2. Press the Config button
  3. Name your Bracket ( you can have a number of brackets)
  4. Place your stop ( below you will see that you can place your stop in ticks and specify contracts)
  5. Choose the time you want to convert your stops to market orders.

Submit by clicking “save” and then enabling in by pressing the red button “Disabled” which will enable this bracket.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures

Thank you. Could you tell me where to find the name the Bracket (a number of brackets)?

Btw, the chart is disappear on my account. Could you show me how to get back the chart?

Seems you are doing everything right. I would try to close and open a new chart again. However, your demo maybe limited to a few contracts as well.

I have tried to close and open a new chart again and again many times with different products but it’s still not show chart. That is a live account, not demo.

Could you tell me where to find the name of the Bracket (a number of brackets)?

Thank you.

If you are a customer of Optimus please email support@optimusfutures.com if you are not please discuss with your broker.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures

You have to name the bracket. Brackets have no name.

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