R / Trader Pro and Point-and-Figure Charts

There is a TraderPro available at AMP where the Point-and-Figure charts are created using the Updata way of creating P&F charts.

Is the AMP TraderPro in the above link the same as the R / Trader Pro listed on your platform comparison available at AMP?

I ask because there is no “R” in front of the one at AMP.

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Hi @ondafringe, thanks for your question and welcome to the Optimus Community!

The TraderPro platform that you linked is not the same as R Trader Pro! Although the names do sound similar, these are two entirely different products created by two different companies.

R Trader Pro was created by our partners over at Rithmic. If you are familiar with the Rithmic data feed, this is their first party platform. The Rithmic Data feed is natively roughted directly into the R Trader Pro platform.

That being said, R Trader Pro is packed with various and customizable chart types, including Point-and-Figure, Renko, Kagi, and much more. Take a glance at the image below for an example of R Trader Pro’s Point and Figure Charts and a few other images of the platform’s interface and features:

There are two editions of the R Trader platform, the basic version which is free and the “Pro” version which includes charts for $20 a month.

If you’d like to demo Rithmic’s R Trader Pro, you can sign up for a 14-day risk free trial here, let us know what you think: R | Trader Pro Free Demo | Rithmic | Optimus Futures

Feel free to continue to ask more questions on the community or reach out to us if you have further questions at: (800) 771-6748

If you’re interested in opening an account, you can do so here: Open a Futures Trading Account | Optimus Futures

We hope you found this helpful,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:


Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate the clarification.


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Wow… you want way too much personal information to demo that. You should be upfront about requiring all that information before you get people to give you their phone number.

All the signup forms and demo requests are dictated by our data providers as guided by the CME. Each data provider has a different signup process.