R Trader Pro Platform Free

As of Sep 1, 2014 Optimus to the end of Dec 2014 will provide R-Trader PRO free of charge to its users.
(Inactivity fee of $10 will apply if less than 20RTs are traded a month. This will be charged quarterly)

R Trader Pro is a platform created directly by Rithmic, LLC to provide charting, order entry, order automation, and more for Rithmic’s low-latency high throughput order routing gateways:

-Server-side OCO (One Cancels Other) functionality
-Easy to use charting with time, range, tick, and volume bars
-Rich Excel integration:
-Perform calculations on incoming quotes
-Build fully-automated trading strategies using Excel formulas
-Pre-made futures strategies, such as calendar spreads, that are already defined for quick order entry
-Options on Futures support
-Ability to trade from the chart
-Time based execution (specify time to close position or initiate positions)
-Live streaming Spreadsheet
-Variety of Gateway option for better connectivity
-Can work in conjunction with Sierra, Multi and Market Delta while accessing the same account if Rithmic data is used.
-Can serve as a back up to your primary platform (if you use the Rithmic) feed

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Optimus Trading Group