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I have a question I trade the E-Mini but I would like that my order was filled on the E-micro is there any way that it can be done?

Hello @Titouan_Huppe,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Optimus Futures community forum!

In order to assist you with this, I do need some more information.

Are you attempting to place a trade on the ES and simultaneously place the same order on the MES contract?

Or are you simply just trying to trade the Micro version of the E-Mini? If so, you simply just need to use the proper symbol name in order to do so.

Please explain a bit more on what you are trying to accomplish so we can properly assist you!
Optimus Futures

At the moment the trade copier can not copy from one instrument to another.
While the E-Mini S&P and the MIcro S&P track the same index, they are different contracts.
We have asked RIthmic in the past if such a copy would be possible, but fo now they do not have an estimated time for such a project. If it occurs, we will update this thread.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Ok thanks for your explain hope it will be possible in the future :smiley: