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R | Trader, R | Manager and CME Market Data Subscription Fees

To our group of customers who rely on the Rithmic API, please read the following update.
As you know, the CME doubled its market data subscription from $15 (CME Bundle-All 4 markets) to $30. Individual markets (COMEX, NYMEX, CME, CBOT) will be priced at $10 each.

In addition to this change as of May 1, 2020, there will be restrictions as far as the number of concurrent logins each market data subscriber is permitted to access the CME Group’s market data. Important: More than TWO (2) concurrent sessions would register you automatically as a Professional.

However, the CME has also made an exception to apps that plug into other apps IF such apps do not make a sperate independent login to access market data and run on the same computer. Assuming you run 4 apps, ONLY the 4th app would incur the $30 fee of a Non-Professional.
Rithmic has recently enhanced its app, R | Trader Pro™, to provide such functionality. Apps that incorporate R | API or R | API+, with a small configuration change, can connect to the new version R | Trader Pro™ running on the same machine and subscribe for market data as usual.

The new version of R | Trader Pro™ (version 16.x.x.x) can be configured by its user to accept connections from plug-in apps to subscribe to and access market data (live, delayed and/or historical). Bookmap, Jigsaw, MotiveWave, ATAS, Investor R/T, Multi Charts, Photon Trader, Agena Trader, and Medved Trader could now be used as Apps with R Traer.

Paper Traders: Many FCMs permit their account holders to have access to Rithmic’s paper trading environments in addition to their access to Rithmic’s live trading environments. Such dual access can cause dual market data subscription fees and possibly cause a non-professional market data subscriber to be required to certify himself as a professional market data subscriber and to pay professional market data subscription fees. If such a user does not have market data subscriptions set for his live accounts but does have market data subscriptions enabled for his paper trading accounts and uses R | Trader Pro™ and its plug-in feature, such user may be able to pay a single set of market data subscription fees and remain as a non-professional market data subscriber.