R|Trader, R|Trader Pro Mandatory Software Updates

Rithmic has released new versions of R|Trader, R|Trader Pro and R|Manager with new SSL security certificates. These certificates can be used immediately, and the old certificates expire July 8, 2013. Furthermore on June 29, 2013 Rithmic upgraded certificates on Production servers to match those currently installed in Rithmic 01 Test and Rithmic Paper Trading. In order to ensure uninterrupted service, please upgrade to these new versions of R|Trader, R|Trader Pro and R|Manager as soon as possible but no later than June 29, 2013.

The new mandatory versions are:
R|Trader Pro

R|Trader Download ftp://ftp.vfmarkets.com/RithmicTrader%2011.msi
R|Trader Pro Download ftp://ftp.vfmarkets.com/RithmicTraderPro.msi

PLEASE keep in mind that the use of R|Trader Pro (includes charts) is 25 per month, so if you login with your credentials to R|Trader pro you will be charged 25 per month. Users of R|Trader will not be charged with the Rithmic credentials.