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R trader study on study on same panel

Is it possible to have a study on study overlap on same section below the chart. What i mean is say RSI and Moving Average of the RSI superimposed in the same area where the RSI study displays with a different color?

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Hello @jokertrader,

Although I do believe this is possible, you might have to adjust quite a few settings in order to have both indicators display correctly. By default, the studies may overlap in the same area with a few adjustments, but you may have a hard time viewing both.

There is a way to adjust the location of your study by left-clicking twice on one of the various studies or overlays you insert on to a chart. As you can see in the image below, I have the Comparative RSI (green) and the MACD (red) added to my chart towards the bottom:

With two left clicks on the RSI, you will notice white boxes that populate along the indicator:

Once these boxes populate, you can left click, hold and drag the indicator to a new location on your chart. You can overlay the RSI with the MACD, but the formatting changes and it is very hard to see both indicators at the same time as shown below:

That being said, with a few customization options (I changed my chart to tick bars) and adjustments of the study area at the bottom of my chart, I was able to get both indicators to display appropriately:

Like I mentioned before, this may take some customization and some playing around on your end for both studies to display as intended, but this is possible!

Let me know if you have further questions on this, i’d love to help!
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Thanks for the screenshots and for making it work.

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