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Range High/Low on TPO Chart

Could we get a Range High/Low field in the TPO chart summary? We have all of the other highs/lows except this one.

Hi @ggjunker,

Thanks for your patience while waiting for a response and thanks for pointing this out. I’ll talk to our devs to see if we can add this on info window of TPO charts.

Have you considered using the high/low indicator found in the view tab?

You can access this by right clicking your chart > View > Enable day high/low

If this isn’t exactly what you need, what I can suggest is to open a normal time based chart. In conjunction with your TPO, you can use the chart info window in your normal time based chart to see the high/low for the day.

You can enable this on normal time based charts by right clicking your chart > View > and enable Info Window

You’ll find these statistics in the highlighted area in the image below:

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures Support

Hi Jake,

The day high/low from the View menu should serve as a workaround, thanks!

Just needed something I could see the actual values at a glance, and this provides that.

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