Re: Can I see Open Orders on R Trader Charts for a more visual confirmation?

I was wondering if its possible to see all current/open orders that were placed on the DOM
on the R Trader chart? It would be greatly help to visualize the strategy orders in addition to DOM’s
order columns?
Thanks in advance,

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I have just reached out to Rithmic in regards to this question.

Unfortunately at the time of this post this is not a feature that R Trader Pro currently supports.

However, Rithmic has notified me that this feature is going to be implemented at some point in the future and is currently a work in progress. As soon as this feature is fully implemented, we will update this post and create an instructional video on how to get started with this feature.

Thanks for your patience,
Optimus Futures Support

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Much appreciated.
Charts trading could be a great addition to an already steady and robust DOM and Rithmic’s R Trader product.
Thanks for the update.

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