Re: DOM P&L Column Color Coding

I created a live DOM streaming spreadsheet in Excel to mirror R Trader’s DOM data
and color coded the P&L column for an easy distinction between profit and loss.

Is it possible to color code the actual DOM in R Trader Pro?


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I do not believe there is a way to change colors for the P&L column on R Trader. However, there are several columns and associative settings that can be customized in the DOM of R Trader.

R Trader Order Book color settings can be customized by navigating to Window > Preferences


Select the Colors tab and then scroll down to the Order Book section. Several columns and settings can have the colors customized such as buy & sell columns, bracket entry and stop colors, settlement colors, and much more.

Thanks for your question. Feel free to reach back out for additional assistance on R Trader and R Trader Pro.
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