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Re: Ghost Order on Gain Mobile App


While monitoring live activity I noticed a live order which I didn’t place on the Gain OEC Trader or OEC Mobile nor iWeb platforms.

Yet this (see attached) order appeared on my live OEC Mobile app. Can you see if anything looks strange about it? It looks like a regular order, yet it was showing only on the Mobile app and not on Gain Trader.

It was strange as I noticed the market trade through the price, got no fill and the Ghost Order just disappeared.

I will be watching closely of that happens again.
No fill, no issues but a bit strange. The order even had its own order ID.

I will track the order in the log and try to figure out its origin. Maybe it was a sticky/older order that got stuck somehow.

Just sharing the experience.

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According to GAIN, this may have just been a user error.

To prevent any unwanted orders being placed in the future without your knowledge, we suggest for you to turn Confirmations ON. With confirmations enabled, you would get a pop-up every time an order is about to be placed. This would prevent any accidents or “Ghost Orders” from being placed without your knowledge.

I would also like to mention that if any traders would like to track their order details, fully detailed reports can be created here:

Simply log in to the link provided above with your GAIN account, type in your Order ID in the appropriate field and then click Show Report. This will provide you with a fully detailed report based off of the Order ID you provide.

Let me know if you have additional questions!

Optimus Futures Support
(800) 771-6748


Great. The order tracking details link from GAIN is very useful
to compare with my records and to solve order errors/rejects issues in the future.
Well done.
I guess it was my DOM order that must of been sent and I missed it in my real time order
tracking records. One could never be to careful with live order.
Thanks for your speedy help to resolve this issue!


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Just to be clear. What are the descriptions of these order tracking and ID’s from GAIN’s perspective?

Order ID/Ticket ID Live generated orders sent trough FCM to the exchange, correct?

External Trade ID What is this mean?

Fill ID ID of actually filled order, correct?

Provider Order ID Is this OEC or Optimus Order ID?

Just wanted to get a full picture of these for future tracking of potential order errors.


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As a trader, if you’d like to track order details and create an order report you’ll only need to focus on the Order ID/Ticket ID field. I personally would not worry about the other three fields.

The descriptions you’ve provided are fairly accurate. External Trade ID’s are utilized by introducing brokers while Provider Order ID’s originate from OEC.

Again, I would not focus on the other three fields found on this form. It appears traders only have access to their Order ID, so please just enter in your Order ID in the corresponding field to access your order detail report.

Thanks for your question,
Optimus Futures Support


Thanks @Mod-JakeM ,
I will track the order ID only for future trades tracking.

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