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Re: Mapping/Grouping individual orders to become OCO's


I was wondering if its possible to map/group/convert a set of originally individual orders that
were already sent to the exchange servers, to OCO’s?

Say, that I am LONG +1 contract and also have an existing SELL STOP below the market
and another order to SELL LIMIT above the market, can I somehow group those two working orders
to become OCO’s?

Naturally, one of the ways would be to send those two orders as one OCO order group, but in real
time trading there are times when we change our bias and need to change some already existing sent orders without cancelling in order to save time and avoid confusion and hopefully simply select any orders and group them as OCO etc…? (I remember I saw this function somewhere in the past)

Does OEC Trader, R Trader, MultiCharts or any other program Optimus offers have this functionality?

Thanks in advance.

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For both OEC Trader and R Trader you would be required to cancel any individual orders and then replace them as a new OCO order.

I’ll continue to look for alternatives on MultiCharts and the other platforms we offer to see if this can be done. If a solution is found, i’ll update this thread with a solution for you.

Thanks for your patience and the great questions,
Optimus Futures Support
(800) 771-6748


Thank you. It’s not a critical function but would be helpful.

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