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Re: Max Show Qty vs. Iceberg order


I was wondering how does R Trader / Rithmic handle the option “MAX SHOW QTY”
which is available in the Place Order Window.

Let’s say that I want to buy a total of 10 Contracts and want to choose to show only 1 Contract to be broadcasted on the exchange server book.

  1. Does R Trader send only 1 Contract Limit through Rithmic’s server to the exchange and the remaining size remains on my machine-side?

  2. Does R Trader send all 10 Contracts to Rithmic and it sits Server-Side but only shows max of 1 Contract
    at the LIMIT Price on CME’s order book and keeps releasing the next Max Show Qty until the actual full
    desired quantity filled?

  3. Also, does the entire order of 10 Contracts generate one unique order ID?

Just trying to understanding how this Order Size option gets handled between

And also, what is the difference between this option and Iceberg order option. I understand that, the answer may be beyond the scope of this short thread.

Thanks in advance,

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