Re: R-Trader "Always on Top" DOM Window

Is it possible to set the DOM or any other local R Trader Pro windows to sit ALWAYS ON TOP
so I could move them around and mix and match with my other windows?
I tried to go to RIGHT CLICK / CHANGE DISPLAY / ALWAYS ON TOP and it only allows me to force
the window on top of the R Trader environment. Can I detach it to stay on top of all of my applications in windows?
Thanks in advance.

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1. Right click within the DOM’s window ribbon. When the context menu appears, head down to Header > Change Display > Always on Top

2. Once this setting has been configured, left click the Release Window button.

This will allow you to move the DOM window freely across multiple monitors and should prioritize the window to “remain on top”.

You may run into instances where a program window outside of R Trader will appear over the DOM. You may need to minimize this window or reopen the DOM window in the launch tray of windows in such a circumstance, but overall this should help you achieve what you are looking for.

Let me know if you still need assistance with this issue!

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Your suggestion worked like a charm. I was using the “Always on Top” but did not realized that
one must click “Release Window” button in order to fully detach the window and port it anywhere on my
windows based machine.
I can now adjust all windows to fit in between my other platforms so that I can execute and customize
R Trader’s trading windows.

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