Re: R Trader audible alerts and order fills

Is it possible to add audio price alerts and order fills to help in tracking of the live trading fills?
It would be very helpful. Thanks

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Yes, there is a global location on R Trader that allows traders to reconfigure and customize their alert sounds.

1. This can be done by heading to the Window Tab > Preferences


2. Left click the Sounds tab

3. Highlight the option you would like to set an alert for by left clicking it and then select a sound from the drop down menu highlighted in the image below. You can also add a custom alert sound of your own by using the browse button, this will allow you to upload a .wav file from your local machine.

4. If you would like to change other alert related settings, this can be done by selecting the Alerts tab in the Preferences window rather than Sounds.

5. It seems you can also set alerts for various account related thresholds under the RMS tab as shown below. Once the threshold levels are set, you can customize the notification sound under Sounds tab.

Unfortunately I do not see a way to set alerts for price levels.

Let me know if you have any other questions related to alerts on R Trader or R Trader Pro!
Optimus Futures Support

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Thanks a lot. I will test these next week.
Audio alerts are very useful when using a discretionary
approach and shall help me a lot with R Trader.
As always, thanks for the detailed response.
Very Helpful!
Many Thanks!

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