Re: R Trader DOM P&L Column Settings

Can you adjust R Trader’s P&L Column to show the current/open position’s P&L Only?
I notice that by default it shows the total Daily Aggregate P&L per instrument?

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What you have requested does not seem to people possible on the R Trader DOM.

It looks like you can change the unit displayed in the P&L column by left clicking on the column header, but there does not seem to be a week to display current/open position’s P&L only.

If you would like to take a look at your open position P&L, I would suggest for you to open the Trader Dashboard Widget. Once open, you can find several columns related to P&L as shown in the image below.

I hope this helped!

Optimus Futures Support

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Thanks Jake.
I will keep the Trader Dashboard Always On Top and keep an eye on all of my Profit/Loss live statistics.

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