Refuse (Optimus Future) GET_TIME_AND_SALES

Hello, I am able to connect to my gutter in the optimus flow application, but every “x” time it launches that message, the graphs disappear and it kind of reconnects, I do not know if it is a particular case of mine.

Hello @fermilans,

Thank you for your question.

We have not seen this refusal message before. Are you noticing this happening when you open a particular feature of the platform? Or does this happen every time you connect?

I see your round trip time is over 23,000 MS, which represents a poor connection. This message could be related to that, but we will need to consult with our developers to confirm.

If you have noticed this message appear when you access a certain function or notice a pattern of this message appearing, it could be helpful for us to figure out what is causing this.

Please let us know any other information you may have.
Optimus Futures