Refuse(Rithmic) on Order Entry

Morning Team Optimus,

Got the attached error Refuse notice in a window marked “Deal Ticket” after trying to place an order.

If helpful I show on my Acct Info page a Status of “admin only”. Optimus Flow platform with Rithmic Data.

Thanks for the timely help. I’ll just be finishing up Annie Duke’s book while I wait for an update.

Happy Trading,


Hi @CakeTheorist,

Thank you for your question and for attaching a screenshot of the rejection you encountered.

This message is the result of an account being auto-liquidated by Rithmic’s risk system. If an account is auto-liquidated due to a loss limit being triggered, the account will remain in a locked state until a broker manually unlocks it for you the next day.

You will see this: “Refuse (Rithmic) Orders can be placed by administrators only” while the account remains locked.

If this ever happens, please just give us a call or send an email to: requesting the account to be unlocked from “admin only”.

Optimus Futures Support