Reset Dom(Depth of Market) Volume Profile

Is it possible to wipe the dom volume profile like in other platforms?
I would like to be able to wipe it before Euro cash session.


Hello @Smitty7,

Thank you for your question!

Unfortunately, we do not believe this is possible using R Trader Pro’s DOM.

However, we have found some settings that you can use to customize the display of volume within your DOM or split the volume based on bid/ask profiles.

Try right clicking in the “trade volume” column of your DOM and then go to options:

Within these settings you can customize the type of volume displayed by changing the “total traded volume” dropdown:


You can also enable the split volume: Show bid and ask volumes and customize the ticks around the trade to get a different view of this histogram. Here is how our trade volume histogram displays after a minute of this function being enabled:

We hope you find these alternatives helpful.

Optimus futures Support