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Risk parameters set by trader


does conditions set by the trader in risk parameters stay active when r/trader pro platform is shutdown or disconected ?

exemple: criteria set to auto-liquidate at 500$ max loss or at 03:00pm ,I opened a position ,then shutdown r trader pro
does all positions will be auto-liquidate if i’m not connected to r trader pro ?


Hello @mask_fun ,

To my knowledge, Rithmic no longer allows users to set their own risk parameters, it must be set by your broker.

As far as risk parameters set by brokers, yes, they still stay active even when the platform is shutdown or disconnected. These parameters are held on the server side.

Something to also consider is using the R Trader order screen for release/cancel orders. We also have a similar feature on Optimus Flow called scheduled orders.

This would allow the users to specify a date/time for when orders are either released or cancelled by the system. In your case, you can essentially manage your own order by configuring a release or cancellation request for 3:00pm. These orders remain on the server as well.

You can see these options in the image below:

Optimus Futures

Does all criteria set in risk parameter set by trader stay active even if the R trader platform is shutdown or disconnected?( see screenshots, screenshots take from a youtube video)



Hello @mask_fun,

We spoke to Rithmic today about this feature and they confirmed that any changes made here are server side, so they do stay in effect when the platform is not running or in case of disconnections.

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Thank for the answer ,
I didn’t find documentation on this feature in Rtrader’s guide or elsewere.

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You’re welcome.

We contacted Rithmic directly for an answer and explanation.

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I signed up specifically to post a question about “risk parameters” in R Trader, and I see this is the most recent post. Lucky synchronicity. This post answered most of my questions.

However, I have some more:

  1. We really need documentation explaining all the features with the risk parameter settings. The available settings look to be the same as for the introducing broker. Therefore, I assume is documentation somewhere but I can’t find it.
  2. Does the “no trading” time only prevent orders being placed during that time or will open positions be liquidated when the “no trading” time occurs?
  3. In the bottom right of R Trader, it shows current time zone. Is this the timezone that will be used for all time-based risk parameters? I assume so.
  4. Is the loss limit criterion a daily loss limit in terms of dollars? I assume so.
  5. When the option “Disable on Auto Liquidate” is enabled, is trading automatically re-enabled the next trading day or does the trader have to contact the IB who then contacts the FCM? Who can re-enable trading once disabled by this user option?
  6. What’s the difference between “Trailing Min Account Balance” and “Limited Trailing Min Account Balance”?

I think these can be answered with a user manual / documentation. But I can’t find one for a recent version of R Trader or R Trader Pro.


Hi Guys, I’ll ask @Mod-JakeM to answer these questions above, but in the meantime @MrZelensky and @mask_fun could you take a look at this question Risk Parameters Controlled by Self Directed Futures Traders and please provide elaborate answer to this.
I am very interested in your feedback.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Hi @MrZelensky,

Thank you very much for your patience while waiting for answers. We reached out to Rithmic about your questions and they provided us with the responses below. At this time I do not believe there is any documentation for this feature, but we have asked Rithmic and if they are able to provide us with some, we will follow up on this post.

  1. Any fields in red or blue are pre-trade risk management. This means that the system will only allow trades which flatten positions, but does not flatten them automatically.
  2. All times in R | Trader Pro are based in the user’s local time-zone.
  3. The loss limit is based on whichever currency the account is set up for; generally U.S. dollars.
  4. The account must be reset by the IB or FCM.
  5. Limited Trailing Minimum Account Balance sets a value (Max Min Account Balance) which the trailing auto liquidation threshold will not surpass. In Trailing Minimum Account Balance, the trailing auto liquidation threshold will trail the account by a set value forever.

We hope this helps!
Optimus Futures Support

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