Rithmic Connectivity Improvement Log

This is my attempt to try and help everyone that wants to improve their data connection with Rithmic:

Sometimes users report that there is a gap in their chart data or that their market data seems slow or seems to lag behind other market data feeds. Below are a list of common causes and remedies.
Common causes of gaps in charts or slowness or lagging market data:
The trader’s machine is too slow for the amount of market data coming to it.
The bandwidth of the connection is too low for the amount of data coming to the trader’s machine.

There are too many programs doing too much work on the trader’s machine.

Possible remedies: Upgrade the hardware. Trading programs work best when resources are available. The higher the cpu clock speed the better, the more memory the better and the higher the front side bus speed the better (memory clock speed).

Upgrade the bandwidth of the connection used, the higher the better.
Reduce the number of programs running on the machine, especially programs that are not involved with trading and that update the screens a lot. The most resource and time consuming function of a computer tends to be screen updates so reducing the number of non-essential screen updates makes more resources available for data acquisition and analysis.

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These are very helpful tips. Not many brokers take the the time to write this.

Thanks. Once thing I should have added is the fact that WiFi is not recommend for trading.