Rithmic Data Feed

I need advice as far as the Rithmic data feed.

Today, I found out that the software I am using will no longer receive its data feed and I was urged to switched to Rithmic. I have a few questions in lieu of these new facts: 1) Could you tell me a little about Rithmic?
2) Do I have to use their machines (R Trader) along with Rithmic?


Rithmic is a company that develops software, collocates machines near the exchanges’ own servers, and operates a data+order feed that can be offered by brokers to their customers. They are one of the fastest feeds out there, and they provide order routing + real-time data + limited historical data. Some futures traders can use them as their only market connectivity. (If you need longer history for backtesting you’ll need an add-on feed or data supplier.)

I assume that you are asking about R Trader because you saw somewhere that Rithmic has its own platform, but please be aware that you don’t need it to execute via R Trader and use their data feed that we can connect for you.
You can also use the the R Trader platform for free with any platform that uses the Rithmic feed while both connected to the same account.


Thank you! This help us and puts it as a good summary. What is the advantage of r trader execution over the platform I want to use?

R Trader places your OCO server on the Rithmic server as oppose to your local PC.