Rithmic data pricing, after CME price increase

Please, update the pricing of Rithmic feeds, after the CME Group has decided to increase the real time market data of depth (effective 1 April 2020)

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We appreciate your input. We will do our best to update this prior to the CME April 1 increase. As an FYI, the increase may occur not only for data but for the number of devices you are connected to. Therefore, our update has to be a lot more comprehensive than just a simple update. As soon as we have the full details, we will inform our customers.

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Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Any update on this? How is the fee increase applied for non-professional?

Is there an increase per simultaneous computers being used?

This is the latest from Rithmic:

"The CME has informed Rithmic that the change in count calculation for market data subscription reporting, originally scheduled to take effect on April 1, 2020, has been postponed to take effect on May 1, 2020. This deferral provides developers with additional time to enable their apps to make use of the new plug-in capability of R | Trader Pro™. By plugging in to R | Trader Pro™, an app will not require its user to increase its max session count, which means that an additional market data subscription fee will not be incurred. Users will to be able to continue to run multiple apps, plugged in concurrently to a single instance of R | Trader Pro™, and not incur additional market data subscription fees.

Rithmic is a developer of high performance multi-asset trade execution software. Rithmic’s R | Trade Execution Platform™ for trading futures, spreads, equities and options provides highly stable and scalable desktop trading and risk management screens, bi-directional streaming connectivity with Microsoft Office Excel, a C++ API, a .NET API, an OS and language independent protocol API, FIX connectivity, market data and order routing."

So our understanding is that April 1, 2020 the fee increase is as usual.
We will have to watch any announcements as we get close to May 1, 2020 what the CME and Rithmic policy will be for multiple users of Rithmic.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures