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I am looking for DMA to trade Eurex products. I know that CQG have their rack in London and TT have one in Frankfurt but I’m unsure if Rithmic offer something similar over here in Europe.

I get conflicting reports about whether or not they still offer FIX API and if not, whether their proprietary API can be used for DMA in Europe (I heard Rithmic had a rack in Ireland but that’s unconfirmed).

Can anyone shed some light on what, if any, DMA is on offer with Rithmic please? I’d rather go with them because I like their data but if my orders have to hop over the Atlantic and back to trade on Eurex, then I might have to look elsewhere.




Hello @Kevin and thank you for your question

Unfortunately, Rithmic does not offer collocation or equipment rentals in its pops other than in Aurora, Il. Additionally, as Rithmic connects to Eurex in Chicago, so all traffic to and from Eurex will incur latency based upon the distance between Frankfurt and Chicago.

We would be more than happy to look for a solution for you in Frankfurt (if necessary) through the other data feeds. Also, consider that if you do not need ultra-low latency solutions, Rithmic may work just fine. Strategies that are not time sensitive may not need hosting.

Please let us know if we could be of further help.

Kind regards,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures