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Rithmic easier connections to open office and excel please


have been trying for months now to place rithmic pro data correctly into excel and hopefully open office. have talked on the phone with rithmic developers. one developer was not interested in helping.
that is understandable since he is busy. do not want to see others miss opportunities like myself,
rithmic pro has the capability of helping us have a first class charting platform.
thanks for listening!


Hello @teconllelo We will reach out to Rithmic in order to get started on this. We will respond soon and we are very sorry for the technical difficulties you have experienced thus far.


Unfortunately we were not able to reach Rithmic support, but hope that this could provide some help:
There are several ways to export data from the R | Trader Pro platform to Microsoft Excel.

  1. Open any widget on the platform (We Suggest a Quote Board)
  2. Navigate to the widget’s toolbar located at the top of the window
  3. Left click the button located on the far right of the toolbar (A clipboard with the letter A) labeled Export as CSV.
  4. From here there are several options as to which type of spreadsheet the user can export their data to. Export as CSV exports a static representation of your quote board, essentially taking a screenshot of any data currently in the quote board, this data is not updated unless done manually by the user. Export as CSV Periodically functions similar to the previous option, but allows the user to select a time frame to update their spreadsheet daily. Finally, users can Create Live Streaming Spreadsheet, which automatically updates every time new data is added to the platform.
  5. Once an option is selected, the platform will automatically export all data from the platform and open Microsoft Excel for you.

Users can also create an automated trading system for themselves within Microsoft Excel. Provided below is a link to a video we created illustrating the process of how to create an automated trading system in Excel:

If this is not what you are looking for please let us know so we can assist you further. Thank you.