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Rithmic Paper Trading Environment Connection Parameter?

I recently signed up for a 30 day trial to the Rithmic Paper trading environment. After signing up I was able to access the live market via R-Trader, however I also need the connection parameters for the RAPI.

The sample scripts I have been developing my code from pointed to the Rithmic_Test_Orangeburg servers. This test environment barely moves, and is apparently just the test servers from the exchange.

So now I need to update all my parameters in my code to point to the paper trading environment instead of the test environment. Does anyone have this handy, or will I need to reach out to rithmic directly.

As an example this is what I am looking for… but just for the paper trading severs.

oParams.DmnSrvrAddr = “”;
oParams.DomainName = “rithmic_uat_dmz_domain”;
oParams.LicSrvrAddr = “”;
oParams.LocBrokAddr = “”;
oParams.LoggerAddr = “”;

Thanks in advance!


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Quick update… I reached out to Rithmic, and worked with them on this item and I am all set now.