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Rithmic Paper Trading Environment Connection Parameter?

I recently signed up for a 30 day trial to the Rithmic Paper trading environment. After signing up I was able to access the live market via R-Trader, however I also need the connection parameters for the RAPI.

The sample scripts I have been developing my code from pointed to the Rithmic_Test_Orangeburg servers. This test environment barely moves, and is apparently just the test servers from the exchange.

So now I need to update all my parameters in my code to point to the paper trading environment instead of the test environment. Does anyone have this handy, or will I need to reach out to rithmic directly.

As an example this is what I am looking for… but just for the paper trading severs.

oParams.DmnSrvrAddr = “”;
oParams.DomainName = “rithmic_uat_dmz_domain”;
oParams.LicSrvrAddr = “”;
oParams.LocBrokAddr = “”;
oParams.LoggerAddr = “”;

Thanks in advance!


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Quick update… I reached out to Rithmic, and worked with them on this item and I am all set now.




Can you tell me if the connection paramenters below are for LIVE Trading or a UAT?
LocBrokAddr :
LoggerAddr :

Thanks in advance!

Hello @WTF,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community forum.

Rithmic’s API team typically prefers to deal with their API users directly via email for issues like this and does not want to answer these types of questions on a public forum.

Can you please email R API Support at: with your question?

Thanks for your understanding and we hope this helps.
Optimus Futures Support

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