Rithmic Pro Mobile - Take Profit/Stop Loss

How do I set TP SL LIMIT order on Rithmic mobile?

Hello @Greatness_Osuji,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Optimus community forum.

If you are looking to place a OCO bracket order on Rithmic mobile, first open an order ticket by clicking buy or sell:

Once you have an order ticket open, you can then select your entry order type. You can find stop limit entry orders under the “SL” button:

If you prefer to place your stop and take profit as a bracket order, please click the [ ] button in the bottom right of your order ticket.

This is what the bracket order screen looks like:

You can enable both the bracket take profit target and bracket stop, configure your tick offset, and then place your entry order to have all 3 orders placed linked on the server level.

We hope you find this helpful.
Optimus Futures Support