Rithmic protocol API for Javascript questions

I started working with rithmic protocol API in the javascript language.
Curious if anyone else is also using this. I’d love to connect and chat about the various payloads to send for requests and what each response means.

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the Optimus community forum and thanks for your post!

We do have clients working with Rithmics API utilizing the javascript language. Until other members of the community chime in with their thoughts, you may want to consider reaching out to Rithmic’s API support team at rapi@rithmic.com.

If you have any specific questions regarding Rithmic’s API or need clarification on what each response means, Rithmic’s API support team should be able to help you!

Thanks again for your post and I hope this helps in the meantime until other members of our community using Javascript on R Protocol add their thoughts.

Optimus Futures Support

Thanks for the response Jake.

It’s good to know others are using the JavaScript library too. I’m really liking the speed and accuracy so far. I just for full access about two weeks ago.
I’m sad that it shuts down on weekends. This is prime time to run tests and implement more functionality while I have spare time.

One main question I have is about MARKET_STOP orders. I have some basic functions to create a LIMIT order for my target, and a MARKET_STOP for my stop loss. Once wither the Target or Stop is hit, I need to cancel the other.
But, it seems my STOP_MARKET order is not canceled by the CANCEL ALL ORDERS method.
Has anyone else had this trouble?


Hi David,

I’ve implemented an API to the Protoc API in Python. It sounds like you want to use Bracket Orders instead, which automatically create an opposing limit take profit and opposing stop market order for each fill that comes in on the Bracket Order.

In this scenario, if you cancel either the stop or the take profit, the other linked order is cancelled. Note you will get a 1 to 1 or many relationship of Parent (Bracket) order to the children (Take Profit & Stops). If its a single fill on the parent you get 1, if it takes 2 fills you will get two stops and two take profits for example.

Here’s my current package: GitHub - jacksonwoody/pyrithmic: Python Implementation of the Rithmic Protocol Buffer API