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Rithmic R-API Bracket Order Question

I know that the bracket orders sit server side and are only send to the exchange once the entry price is filled. But I am wondering if the entry fill event has to wait for the client application to receive the fill message or if this entry fill event only needs to be received server side from the Rithmic servers. The reason I ask is because sometimes I see some latency in my messaging feed because my main thread is being blocked by the data feed. Currently the messaging and data feed all run on the same thread, and they can block each other. So I just wanted to confirm that the impact to this would only be to my reporting, logging of fills, cancels, etc., and not to the much more important task of releasing the bracket orders.

Also is there any difference in this logic between live and SIM?

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Hi @Iantg,

Thanks for your question and patience while waiting for a response.

To my knowledge and understanding, bracket orders are completely server-side and do NOT need to wait for the client application to receive the fill message.

Regardless of any latency you are experiencing, the order should still potentially fill at the entry price (it depends on market conditions).

The reason I say this is because Rithmic server-side orders can even be filled while the computer is entirely shut down or does not have access to the internet. Once placed, these orders reside on the server until the user cancels the order, the order’s duration is hit, or the contract expires as long as you are using a platform that supports server-side orders. Majority of the platforms we offer and support fully support native server-side orders, but not all.

To my knowledge, the same logic applies to both live and sim accounts.

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures

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Thanks Jake. This is what I thought. But I just wanted to double check.