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Rithmic R Trader Pro AMA


If you have any questions about Rithmic Trader Pro which the flagship platform from Rithmic, please go ahead and ask here. If you wish to establish an account with


The main question I have is what are the major differences/pros and cons between CQG QTrader and R-Trader Pro? BIg picture stuff. Which has better multi link chart capabilities. Chart Trading. Multi-monitor support (maybe neither). do they both have one button execution with defaulted bracket order options, Etc…(does CQG Q really only allow one chart per page?!) Multitimeframe charts next to the DOM are nice.

Also, I noticed the DOM in R-Trader Pro is live, but the charts are delayed. Is it possible to get a live feed to the charts for a short period of time? I want to compare how the candles / equi volumes build across TS, CQG, Rithmic.

Let me know. Thx!


Hello @Carlos_Leon We truly appreciate all the questions that you have been asking about the platforms. However, as a broker that carries both carries, we kindly prefer not to compare platforms but rather address features on each thread. We hope you are ok with this.

CQG Thread:
R Trader Thread:

You can ask the same questions there, and while we provide objective answers you can decide what is better for you.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures