Rithmic R Trader Pro DOM Open PL Stops at -995

Wondering if anyone here has come across this issue and has a solution. In Rithmic R Trader Pro DOM, when I open a position I am able to see open P/L fine to the positive side but only down to -995 on the negative side. Beyond that the Open P&L ladder is blank. I’ve adjusted amounts in the RMS section thinking that may be causing this, but no matter what I change this issue remains.

Any help with this would be appreciated.



Welcome to the Optimus community forum! Thanks for your patience while waiting for our response.

We have been attempting to replicate this, however, we have not had the same experience you described with PNL not able to go past -$995.

We just tested with the ES a few minutes ago and as you can see, we were able to reach a negative PNL of greater than $995 on hypothetical trades using a demo account:

I might suggest that you leave Rithmic support a ticket about this at: support@rithmic.com. They may be able to gather log files from your platform that could potentially help them look into this.

Until you have an answer from them, I would alternatively suggest that you monitor your PNL through the trader dashboard and positions window:


Although the DOM may not be displaying PNL, I assume your positions window should show your PNL for each futures contract you have traded throughout the day. As you can see in my image above, I have added Open profit/Loss, Closed profit/Loss, and Total profit/Loss to my positions window.

If you don’t see these columns by default, right click over any previous column > Add/remove columns

I hope you find this helpful, if you speak with Rithmic and they have any comments about this or can confirm this issue, please let us know!

Optimus Futures Support