Rithmic Tick and OHLC Data online


Could you tell me, how to get OHLC, Time, Volume and Tick futures data to Excel spreadsheet automatically by request. For instance in a Rithmic API?


Thank you for your question and welcome to the Optimus community forum.

If you are interested in utilizing the Rithmic API to retrieve this data, you can email: support@optimusfutures.com requesting Rithmic API access and we will have Rithmic release you a development kit for their RAPI+.

The alternative is to use R Trader Pro. Once R Trader Pro is open, you can open a quote board and apply the symbol you would like data for.

As you can see in the image below, click the “Clipboard a,” icon and choose the Create Live Streaming Spreadsheet option.

Once this option is chosen, a live CSV will automatically open streaming data in realtime from R Trader Pro with the statistics you are looking for.

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures Support