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Rithmic Trader Pro DOM LTQ(Last Traded Quantity)

Hi guys, anyone know how to shpw the LTQ (last traded quantities) in the Rithmic trader pro DOM ?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @zak84,

Thanks for your patience while waiting for an answer to this question. Welcome to the community forum and thanks for your contribution.

In regards to LTQ, do you have any example of what you are referring to?

I’ve asked Rithmic about this and they did ask for further explanation. As of recently R Trader Pro did add a new QP -Quantity, column to their DOM which may be what you’re looking for, but any additional info does help!

Optimus Futures Support

@zak84 I know you can export a live data feed into excel which shows the last trade size but not if it was a buy or sell.

Have you tried the DOM in Optimus?

I have configured mine to feel like TT which is what I’m used to.

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