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Roll over / Futures Expiries



What is the best way to roll over a contract. I found the possibility in the instrument escort, but this is not very comfortable. Is there a better way?


For that purpose we provide our Futures Calendar, where you can see all the expiries of the most traded futures.
If the cell is red you see that the contract is expired and you need to roll it.
With the right mouse button you can select the contract out of the upcoming expiries.
In case of a valid contract the cell is green.
in the grey cells you can see the already rolled contracts.

In one of the next releases of AgenaTrader we will mark these contracts where the traded volume/ open interest is already higher than that of the current (green) contract.

if you want to get alerted by the system in case of a roll over date, you can uncheck the check box at the left lower corner of the calendar. If the checkbox is unchecked the popup jumps up on starting AgenaTrader, if there is a rollover date on the same day.