RUSSELL 2000 eMINI R-Trader

Would someone please help me with the steps to load the Russell into the Order Book and the Quote Board for R-Trader? It would be nice to see both the front month (now December) and the following contract for March.

I also notice that there are two possible selections to choose from with the later with the letters “TAS” at the end. Which is the correct symbol to use?

Hi Rick. I can help with some of your queries.
In the quote board right click on the Description column where you wish to add the symbol. When a menu appears Select the top item ‘Search and add Symbol’. Click ‘Description’ and type ‘russell’. Then left click (or control click for multiple symbols) to select, and click ‘Add’ at bottom of window. Close this window when finished.
Which symbol to use of Futures and TAS - I cannot help. My guess only, is Futures.

I wanted to prepare a video showing how you guys can pull quotes on the DOM of the R|Trader. I hope this helps.