Sept 28th 2016 Last Trading Day for Metals and Natural Gas

Wednesday, Sept 28th is the Last Trading Day for ALL the Sept Metals*(Gold, Silver, Copper, eMICR-Gold, CMX 1000oz Silver, Aluminum, ICE mini-Gold, ICE mini-Silver, ICE Gold, ICE Silver).* We ask that you please do not wait until the last minute to exit these markets.

Wed Sept 28th is also the Last Trading Day for the NYMEX Oct Natural Gas in NY. We again ask that you do not wait until the last minute to exit the NYMEX Oct Nat Gas.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures

Hi MattZ,

The Sept Metals stops trading on Sept 28th at what time?

Where can I find the next of a schedule of the “Last Trading Day” of all products?

Thank you.

The Last Trading Hours follows regular trading hours
Gold Futures Contract Specs - CME Group
Make sure you exit at the end of the day session.
For the next roll over follow the calendar on each commodity such as in this example: Gold Futures Calendar - CME Group

Hi Hi MattZ,

Thank you your info. Can you tell me what happend if we do not exit at the last minute to these markets?

We recommend exiting your contracts as soon as the liquidity of the next month in the contract you trade.
This could happen even a week prior to last trading day.

You must exist expiring contracts because you are at risk of being delivered, and/or being fined in the event of retendering (the cancellation of a delivery).

Thank you,
Optimus Futures

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